Crossfire Wave Mode update introduces 8 new classes next week

By Michael Jamias
crossfire wave mode next week

Crossfire Wave Mode Arctic Base battlefield

It's safe to say that the Crossfire Wave Mode update is one of the biggest updates to-date for the MMOFPS, with 8 new classes as well as "MOBA-inspired mechanics." The update is slated to release on Wednesday, March 12.

We're talking about destroyable towers and minion soldiers that spawn from the base. Teams will need to strategize to win in this hybrid battleground that marries MMOFPS elements and intense MOBA team fighting.

The new Crossfire Wave Mode classes include the Juggernaut, Blaster, Marksman, Medic, Demolition, Panther, Shield and Hunter.

For more strategic fights, players can boot up the Three Lane winter battlefield called Arctic Base. But for straight-up collision chaos, then there's the Single Lane desert battleground called Sandstorm.

Crossfire developers also pulled out all the stops to make Wave Mode as literally explosive as it can be. You can abuse new offensive tactics such as Air Strikes and Mortar Strikes to decimate the opposition, and slap on new items, gear and weapons exclusive to Wave Mode for enhanced killing power.

Speaking of power, you'll reach new heights of character growth with the new Class Card and Gem systems that let you pump up your abilities and stats.

It's even better if you're an MMO neophyte looking to join the Crossfire ranks. SG North is offering fresh Crossfire recruits major bonuses for joining the game between March 19 and April 2. If bonus EXP and free skinned weapons and premium accessories seem like things you'd want, then go enlist on those dates.


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