CrossFire was the world's top-earning free to play mmo in 2013

By Michael Jamias
crossfire top earning free mmo 2013

CrossFire earned nearly a billion dollars -- or a whopping $957 million to be exact -- last year.

This was enough to make CrossFire the Top 1 online game by free-to-play earnings in the world, according to data from SuperData.

Super popular MOBA League of Legends came in at second by raking in $624 million, with the 2D action online rpg Dungeon Fighter Online placing third with $426 million in revenues.

See the graphic chart below for the Top 10 online games by free-to-play earnings:

Here are the Top 10 MMOs based on free to play earnings.

As seen above, Chinese and Western mmorpg publishers dominated the list. Veteran mmo games such as MapleStory and Lineage 1 still proved supremely popular in the free to play mmo genre.

But newer entrants to the free to play sphere such as World of Warcraft and Star Wars: The Old Republic are making great headways.  Both had transitioned to the free to play model, effectively diversifying their revenue stream beyond solely relying on subscriber revenues.

Valve's MMOFPS titles also continued to show strength, capturing the ninth and tenth spots with Team Fortress 2 and Counter Strike Online, respectively.


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