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CrossFire - First Look

CrossFire - First Look

CrossFire is a free MMOFPS title that originally launched in 2008. The CrossFire world is engulfed in one of the most horrific wars in history. The devastating war has given birth to 2 opposing factions, Global Risk and Black List. Both sides have different opinions on the future of the human race and both hire private mercenary units to aid their cause. You are one of these mercenaries, sent behind enemy lines to decimate your opponents and help your faction reach their potential.

CrossFire allows you to choose from 14 playable classes, although some are restricted to premium account holders. The characters vary in almost every way possible, from basic appearance to race and gender. There are 3 different types, Human, Mutant and Zombie. Each type has specific strengths and weaknesses and has access to certain items and equipment. Players can switch between any available characters before and after matches, allowing skilled players to learn the tricks of the trade for each type.

There are dozens of guns available in CrossFire, each of which is separated into categories. The available categories are Primary, Secondary, Thrown and Melee. Primary weapons are mainly powerful guns such as Shotguns, Automatic Rifles, Machine Guns and Sniper Rifles. Players may only equip 1 Primary weapon each game, as they're easily the most devastating weapons available. Secondary is reserved for less potent weapons, usually used as a last resort or when your Primary needs reloading, these are mainly pistols and other low caliber weapons. Thrown and Melee include more imaginative weapons such as Frag Grenades and Tomahawks.

CrossFire is host to a number of other exciting features such as the Badge system. Players can earn Badges for completing a variety of in-game tasks such as achieving a certain kill to death ratio, earning a specific number of kills with a certain weapon or appearing top of the leader-board at the end of the game. Other features in CrossFire include a variety of mission based scenarios and a unique game play mode, Mutation.

By Rachel Rosen


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