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  • Crimecraft: choose gender

    Crimecraft: choose gender
    Cimecraft has a 'gang warfare' feel to it. You can pick either male or female characters....
    Crimecraft: choose gender

    Crimecraft: equipment

    Crimecraft: equipment
    You can purchase and unlock new equipment as you play Crimecraft. Here is what you start with in your first practice game....
    Crimecraft: equipment

    Crimecraft: controls

    Crimecraft: controls
    Crimecraft uses standard fps controls. WASD, r to reload, click to shoot. It feels very intuitive....
    Crimecraft: controls

    Crimecraft: Headshots

    Crimecraft: Headshots
    Headshots do extra damage. We managed to kill 2 before dying....
    Crimecraft: Headshots

CrimeCraft - First Look

CrimeCraft - First Look

CrimeCraft is a FPS MMO that recently transferred to a free to play model. CrimeCraft includes a variety of exciting features and recently added a new expansion, GangWars, which has a heavy focus on guild territory and control. CrimeCraft is based in the fictional Sunrise City, a city torn apart by corrupt law enforcement and brutal street gangs.

CrimeCraft features an extensive character creation system that allows players to change a large number of aspects of their character. As well as getting to choose what devastating weapons you add to your arsenal, you can also make more psychical changes from the huge selection of available clothes, accessories and tattoos. The large amount of available items allow players to create unique, individual characters. You can run around the game for hours and not see anyone that looks similar to you.

Instead of restricting players into FPS archetypes, CrimeCraft uses a unique buff and ability system. Every player can choose their load-out before joining a match, effectively allowing them to change every aspect of their character whenever they please. Want to try your hand at sniping? Then you'll want to take extra damage bullet perks and the proximity mine ability for protection. Maybe you prefer to be up close and personal? Then you'll want to swap out for the extra spread on shotguns perk with the grenade ability, each and every perk and ability can be mixed and matched to create a large variety of possible character play styles.

CrimeCraft includes 11 different game modes to choose from, based around both PvE and PvP. The game modes use a variety of different game play mechanics, from standard capture the flag to more complex king of the hill. Players can also edit a large amount of features for each game mode, changing certain aspects such as restricting specific weapons or selecting various mechanic changes such as double damage.

CrimeCraft boasts some of the best graphics for a free to play FPS game, and is backed by some great features and mechanics. The recent update, GangWars, allows guilds to battle for control over 20 different territories in the game, generating resources and items for each area they hold.

By Rachel Rosen

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