This little piggy played Counter Strike?

By Tam Mageean
counterstrike pigs

Whenever a game opens its doors to third party development and modification, things get weird. Developers must do it for their own entertainment, just to see what kind of bizarre and twisted stuff the fans can come up with. From the guys who modded Doom into a full Mortal Kombat Ultimate Kollection emulator, to the guys who turned Virtual World, Second Life into...well...a digital bordello, the community vision is clearly more out-there than any full-time game developer could imagine.

Counter Strike has always been at the business end of the guerrilla adaptation, and this week is no different...only the guys making the crazy mod are on the Counter Strike Online team!

Counter Strike Pig Mode

Nexon Korea has given us all a peek at their new "Pig Mode", which is actually creepier than it sounds. In Counter Strike Online's Pig Mode, players who can reign over 3000hp of damage onto their opponents in the MMOFPS, will then turn into an enormous, brightly colored piggy bank, armed with a giant coin for melee attacks.

As a pig, you'll unfortunately lose your gun wielding capabilities, but it's made up for by the pigs sheer melee aggression. It adds an odd new tactic too; as your opponents have to overcome the fear of being hunted down and beaten into a pile of coins by a giant pig...and nobody wants that.

Check out the Counter Strike Online website, as events will be launching soon to celebrate the new farmyard frolics.


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