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So you’re just chilling, playing a counter strike round. You come around a corner, quick scope the enemy, and pop a great headshot... But wait! He didn't die!Well, that was clearly a headshot right? Let’s take a closer look!Oh, so now you see what happened! Pure luck right? “Fuc**** lucker newbie!!!” you might say. Guess what? According to the newspaper, NCIS Times, what happened had nothing to do with luck. In fact, the player who ...
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Sep 17 2014
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ESL, one of the leading names in competitive mmo gaming have announced the CS:GO Community Challenge; a summer-long league that pits the UK's top mmofps teams, head to head against each other. Pro-gaming tech boffins, Steel Series; known best for their gaming keyboards and controllers, are sponsoring the event, which hopes to cast some limelight onto the British mmo scene, and hopefully push UK-based pro-gamers into the forefront of eSports, sta...
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Apr 22 2014
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Whenever a game opens its doors to third party development and modification, things get weird. Developers must do it for their own entertainment, just to see what kind of bizarre and twisted stuff the fans can come up with. From the guys who modded Doom into a full Mortal Kombat Ultimate Kollection emulator, to the guys who turned Virtual World, Second Life into...well...a digital bordello, the community vision is clearly more out-there than any ...
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Oct 17 2013