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  • Counter Strike Online: game

    Counter Strike Online: game
    Run around just like any other first person shooter with your primary and secondary gun trying to shoot the other team....
    Counter Strike Online: game

    Counter Strike Online: guns

    Counter Strike Online: guns
    Use a variety of diffrent guns in game....
    Counter Strike Online: guns

    Counter Strike Online: death

    Counter Strike Online: death
    When killed, the game will tell you who killed you and what weapon they used....
    Counter Strike Online: death

    Counter Strike Online: homescreen

    Counter Strike Online: homescreen
    Once you log into the game you will be brought to the homescreen....
    Counter Strike Online: homescreen

Counter Strike Online Gameplay First Look - HD

Counter Strike Online Gameplay First Look  - HD

Counter Strike Online is a free mmo, developed by Nexon Corporation under Valve license and published by Valve Corporation and IAHgames. Counter Strike Online is based on the famous fps Counter Strike. The original Counter Strike started as a Half Life mode. It soon became the most popular and played fps mmo. Counter Strike Online developers kept the original mechanics but added more content, items and other improvements. Counter Strike veterans will recognize some modes from the original game. The user interface has icons, radar and map info distributed on the lower and top side. This arrangement gives players a nice and wide perspective. Players move on the map using the WASD keys. Weapons can be changed using 1-5 keys. Players can create new games or join existing ones.

Counter Strike Online playable characters are terrorists, counter terrorists and zombies. Game modes may have different objective for terrorists and counter terrorists. Original mode winning condition for terrorists is detonating the target using C4 and defending the target for counter terrorists. Both teams have to eliminate enemy forces. Hostages must be rescued. Zombie: The Original is a Counter Strike Online mmofps mode in which random players become zombies. Zombie players must turn the other players into zombies to win. Uninfected players must defend themselves or kill all the zombie players. Zombie: The Mutation mode is similar to Zombie: The Original but zombies gain all sorts of abilities. Once every 20 seconds, supply boxes spawn in random locations on the map. Zombie: The Hero mode has more zombie types like: psycho, healing zombies and deimos. The human team has heroes and heroines. Human Scenario is a PvE mode. Players must survive incoming enemy waves. Players are allowed to use air strike, battle revival, emergency medicine and round entry in this mode. The map for this mode is Desert Storm. Developers announced that human scenario mode will be expanded with more weapons and maps.

Players can enter Counter Strike Online tournaments. Official tournaments and rules are listed on the official Counter Strike Online website. Top players can win a significant amount of money. Since its official release in 2000, Counter Strike has been a game focused on gamer competition. Tournaments and contests attract lots of players. New players should be prepared to face some serious competitors. Also, Counter Strike Online is known for having not the friendliest playerbase but that's something perfectly normal for a PvP game. Country Strike Online mmofps is free to play. Some weapons and items can be acquired as premium options.

By Rachel Rosen


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