Cosmic Break holds second European closed beta December 5

By Michael Jamias
cosmic break second europe closed beta

Cosmic Break, the 3D MMOFPS from CyberStep, blasts off into another closed beta for its European version starting tomorrow.

Beta testing will begin at 12:00 noon CET with players invited to sign up for the beta via the official site. Special events have also been planned throughout the beta period such as multiplier events, login prizes and GM events similar to those done during the first closed beta test.

During the second closed beta test, players will be able to choose six starting robots from 32 different choices. Cosmic Break is a third-person MMO shooter where fans control big robots and engage in explosive PvP battles involving up to 60 people.

“They can mix and match those robot parts to create their own original, powerful commando to fight in massive PvP battles against the players, or the special battles against the evil Chaos which will be introduced during the closed beta test,” said CyberStep in a release.

Beta players will also be free to mix, match, disassemble, and rebuild their robots however they see fit.

“Experimenting with over 300 parts and weapons plays an important role in developing stronger robots and gaining an edge over other players in the Arena.  Robots may also be custom painted using the Skin Editor, and some parts may even be reshaped using the Polygon Editor,” said CyberStep.

There has been no announced end date yet for this second closed beta.


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