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  • Cosmic Break: choose pilot

    Cosmic Break: choose pilot
    Choose from 1 of 3 pilots when you first start Cosmic Break....
    Cosmic Break: choose pilot

    Cosmic Break: moving

    Cosmic Break: moving
    Cosmic Break uses standard controls for most RPGs, shooters, or PC based fighting games. Just remember that left click is for shoo...
    Cosmic Break: moving

    Cosmic Break: kill enemies

    Cosmic Break: kill enemies
    Kill enemies in the team death match style missions to help your team win....
    Cosmic Break: kill enemies

    Cosmic Break: items

    Cosmic Break: items
    A look at Cosmic Break garage...
    Cosmic Break: items

Cosmic Break - First Look

Cosmic Break - First Look

Cosmic Break is a MMO third person shooter game that offers players anime inspired graphics and massive PvP battles of up to 30v30. Cosmic Break gives players the opportunity to take control of a huge variety of robots, with over 50 unique robots available and a huge variety of items and gear that allows for over 300 different custom layouts in battle.

Cosmic Break takes place on the fantasy planet of Cosmic Ark, a planet filled with futuristic robots fighting for control. Cosmic Break offers players the choice of aligning with 1 of 3 factions, Wisdom, Dostrex and Bladine. Each faction offers players different quests, as well as a different layout for the starting area. The main role of the 3 factions is to form teams in the huge PvP battles, that allow up to 60 unique robots to battle in a variety of interesting game modes.

The 3 main modes are Arena, Mission and Quest. Arena is the PvP hub of Cosmic Break, providing players with objective based PvP battles such as Capture the Flag. Arena mode can consist of small-scale PvP such as 3v3 or 5v5, but it's also the system used to offer the much larger 15v15 or 30v30 fights. Mission mode is the main PvE area for Cosmic Break, setting up small teams of players to compete against the evil forces of the Chaos Army. There are a variety of difficulty modes available, each adding stronger enemies to the level, but also promising greater rewards. The final game mode, Quest Mode, is another cooperative based mode against enemy AI. Teams of up to 5 players can form and attempt to take down the maze-like structures within quest mode, adding a unique puzzle element to the game.

Cosmic Break provides players with a high-quality third person shooter experience using a unique robotic theme. Fans of MMOFPS games should really give Cosmic Break a shot. The unique setting combined with a large variety of exciting features make it one of the most interesting MMO shooters online.

By Rachel Rosen


Cosmic Break holds second European closed beta December 5

Cosmic Break, the 3D MMOFPS from CyberStep, blasts off into another closed beta for its European version starting tomorrow. Beta ...
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