Combat Arms vid previews Junk Flea 2 map update

By Michael Jamias
combat arms junk flea 2 update

Watch how Junk Flea 2, the latest map to be added to the free mmofps Combat Arms, stacks up against its popular predecessor.

The video describes the Junk Flea 2 map as a “re-imagining of the classic Junk Flea, a tightly contained shipping yard with lots of opportunities for ambushing the enemy and close quarters combat.” We see a lot of container crates, machinery and random junk to give the map battlers a slight feeling of clutter claustrophobia. There are also plenty of elevated platforms and maze-like pathways that give the map exciting tension as players scout for danger with every corner turn. A so-called “killing floor” also allows for thrilling multi-player shootouts. More stealthy snipers also have high porches from which to assassinate enemies.

More than any other Combat Arms maps, movement and quick panning will be the key to survival in Junk Flea 2, because as the video’s narrator warns “that sweet ambush spot you stake out in can quickly turn into shooting gallery.”

Junk Flea 2 also unlocks two new weapons for the fps mmo that are most suitable for the fast combat pace of the new map: the fast recoil and high damage Uzi Metal Machine Gun, and the faster reload SR25 Mark 11 sniper rifle. The update also introduces two cosmetic items: the VBV beret and the Rifle Carrier backpack, each available in three styles.


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