Combat Arms lines up new Fireteam map, Operation: Infected Ship

By Michael Jamias
combat arms fireteam map infected ship

What do you get when you combine a rampaging virus and a grand cruise ship? The literally infectious new Fireteam map for Combat Arms.

Set aboard the Ocean Alliance Cruise ship, Operation: Infected Ship is Nexon Europe's reply to fans itching for another engrossing PvE challenge.

Your mission success will be determined by how well you collect virus samples, master new gadgets like Rocket Turret and Infected Beacon, and work with your team to exterminate the zombies onboard.

The new Fireteam map trailer shows the vastness of the cruise ship map and a sampling of the nasty zombies you'll have to put down:

Nexon Europe is launching two MMO-wide events for Operation: Infected Ship, just in case you weren't totally psyched about it yet.

The first event is a movie competition that starts today and runs until January 8. Entries must focus on the infected cruise liner, and the very best ones can get Combat Arms hoodies signed by the developers plus a month's privilege of using the fantastic Phoenix Set.

The second event is a "marathon" event where the player who logs in the most playtime and racks up the most assists between now till January 1 will get to cherry-pick any in-game item in the fps mmo (well, almost anything since you can't pick Epic and Demonic weapons).

If you ask us, that's just cherry on top of the sweet joy of exterminating infected monsters while floating in the middle of the freaking ocean.


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