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combat arms castle storm warzone launch
Hide, seek and shoot in a sprawling medieval castle - that's the modus operandi for success in the newest Combat Arms warzone known as Castle Storm. The conflict between the Joint Special Forces and Creed extends to a nearby castle as the former seek refuge in the stronghold while the latter chases after them."Castle Storm sees players on the hunt for hidden enemies within the old castle," says mmo games maker Nexon of the new warzone. "The...
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Jun 18 2016
combat arms silent square map
Don't let the picturesque locale fool you. Danger lurks around the cobblestone streets, market stands and cafes of Silent Square, the newest map to be added to the shooter MMO. The Combat Arms Silent Square map is set on a quaint European town, the sort you would visit on vacation and from where you would send postcards back home. But the long, narrow alleyways and mini courtyards that litter the map make for a heart pounding match session. Mer...
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Apr 20 2016
combat arms st patricks day weapons
Combat Arms shooters literally become mean, green fighting machines with the rollout of green weapons in the mmofps in celebration of St. Patrick's Day. The Combat Arms St. Patrick's Day event also rewards players with other limited-edition items, including a Leprechaun beard, a Leprechaun hat and a green sickle for logging in and spending some time in-game. Some also sport a shamrock symbol which is iconic to St. Patrick's Day. But for those l...
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Mar 17 2016
combat arms heir tomb map
Will you dig up gold or your own grave? That's the dilemma mmo shooters of Combat Arms will face in the new Heir of the Tomb map. The Combat Arms Heir of the Tomb map puts players smack in the middle of a gang's civil war. Two factions are now pointing their guns at each other to secure the right to succeed their deceased gang boss.The conflict comes to a head at the graveyard where the gang boss lies in peace -- but not for long. Players wi...
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Feb 18 2016
combat arms 7th anniversary
Combat Arms unloaded a barrage of special gifts to players as part of its 7th anniversary celebration. The Combat Arms 7th Anniversary gifts include limited edition mmorpg gear as well as a whopping 700% EXP/GP boost.The 7th Anniversary is made sweeter by the fact that Combat Arms has reached more than 15 million registered players. Developers revealed other eye-popping numbers to prove that players have not only flocked to the mmofps en ma...
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Feb 05 2016
combat arms pure combat mode release
For all those complaining that Combat Arms is all about who has the best guns and loadouts, developers of the free mmofps have answered with the release of the Pure Combat Mode.The Combat Arms Pure Combat Mode rewards shooters with the sickest skill instead of the slickest arsenal. The new no frills game mode claims to offer "completely balanced skirmishes in which real skill is not only rewarded, but an essential component of success." Help...
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Nov 19 2015
combat arms service merge na europe
Nexon is planning to turn Combat Arms into a transatlantic mmo title with the announced merger of its North American and European communities. The Combat Arms NA-Europe merge will commence next month on June 30.Nexon believes that by combining the services for both regions, the mmofps will offer a superior gaming experience to the merged fan base. “The decision to bring together the European and North American serviced territories was driven...
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May 27 2015
combat arms fireteam map infected ship
What do you get when you combine a rampaging virus and a grand cruise ship? The literally infectious new Fireteam map for Combat Arms. Set aboard the Ocean Alliance Cruise ship, Operation: Infected Ship is Nexon Europe's reply to fans itching for another engrossing PvE challenge. Your mission success will be determined by how well you collect virus samples, master new gadgets like Rocket Turret and Infected Beacon, and work with your team to ex...
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Dec 18 2013
combat arms spiders scorpions team battle
Old rivalries flare up as Nexon brings back the Spiders vs. Scorpions team battle event in Combat Arms. Revived in time for the brand new combat season, mmo fps fans can begin choosing sides until November 5 before the action rounds begin and the victors determined by end of November. Only one side will be crowned champion based on the accumulation of EXP, so be sure to help out your faction to ensure you clinch victory and those sweet rewards....
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Nov 01 2013
combat arms quantum labs map
Jumpers face a thrilling physics challenge in the just-released Quantum Labs map for Combat Arms. The Quantum Labs map has been described as featuring a "complex interlinking system of corridors and large rooms under low-gravity conditions, making it the ultimate jumper’s paradise." MMOFPS completionists can look forward to finishing several new missions involving the new map. These include sending in action screenshots and putting some playtim...
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Jul 24 2013