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  • Combat Arms: Character

    Combat Arms: Character
    Character customization screen where you choose a loadout, modify weapons and equip gear....
    Combat Arms: Character

    Combat Arms: Training

    Combat Arms: Training
    Go through the Training yard to familiarize yourself with the controls....
    Combat Arms: Training

    Combat Arms: knife

    Combat Arms: knife
    Increase your rank and buy swords to bring to knife fights and explore other game modes....
    Combat Arms: knife

    Combat Arms: maps

    Combat Arms: maps
    Maps vary from Junkyards, Forests, Oil rigs at sea and Snowy mountain bases....
    Combat Arms: maps

Combat Arms - First Look

Combat Arms - First Look

Combat Arms is a free MMOFPS that delivers furious, fast-paced PvP combat with a large variety of exciting and innovative features. Combat Arms is published and hosted on the Nexon gaming portal, and as is traditional with Nexon titles, it's totally free. Like most modern free to play titles, Combat Arms does include an item mall but the developers have taken every precaution to ensure it's not a game breaking one. There is not a single overpowered gun available in the in-game store, creating a balanced micro-transaction system that can be compared to the popular League of Legends.

Combat Arms features 2 areas of character customization, weapons and appearance. You get access to 5 different weapon slots, Primary, Secondary, Melee, Miscellaneous and Backpack. There are dozens of weapons available for each slot, providing a massive amount of weapon choice and customization options. Each weapon type requires a different play-style to be used to best effect, whether you like to keep your distance as a sniper or get up close and personal with a shotgun, it's easy to find a weapon build that compliments your gaming style. Similar to the weapon customization options, you can also change 5 different areas of your characters appearance, Head, Face, Uniform, Vest and Backpack. There's a huge variety of options that players can unlock and purchase, including everything from camouflage to intimidating face paint.

Combat Arms has over 30 different available maps to play on, including everything from a small rural village to a dangerously creepy dark forest. Combat Arms also includes over 20 unique, objective-based missions that are available on each map. Creating dozens of variations of mission and map possibilities, creating a totally unique FPS experience every match.

Every weapon you purchase in Combat Arms can be modified using a large variety of different weapon attachments, including improved scopes, more ammo capacity and weapon silencers. Each weapon has 3 different slots that can be improved and customized, creating a highly in-depth weapon modification system that allows you to change the weapon to cater to your own strengths and weaknesses.

By Rachel Rosen


Combat Arms Unlocks The Castle Storm Warzone

Hide, seek and shoot in a sprawling medieval castle - that's the modus operandi for success in the newest Combat Arms warzone know...
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Combat Arms Brings Small Town Battles In New Silent Square Map

Don't let the picturesque locale fool you. Danger lurks around the cobblestone streets, market stands and cafes of Silent Square, ...
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Combat Arms Load Up Green Weapons For St. Patrick's Day

Combat Arms shooters literally become mean, green fighting machines with the rollout of green weapons in the mmofps in celebration...
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Combat Arms Hosts A Faction War In Heir Of The Tomb Map

Will you dig up gold or your own grave? That's the dilemma mmo shooters of Combat Arms will face in the new Heir of the Tomb map. ...
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Combat Arms Blasts Out 7th Anniversary Gifts

Combat Arms unloaded a barrage of special gifts to players as part of its 7th anniversary celebration. The Combat Arms 7th Annive...
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