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  • Cannons lasers rockets: upgrades

    Cannons lasers rockets: upgrades
    Upgrading your ship during battle is a good way to get an upper hand....
    Cannons lasers rockets: upgrades

    Cannons lasers rockets: map

    Cannons lasers rockets: map
    Map is large giving you plenty of room to fly around and create havoc....
    Cannons lasers rockets: map

    Cannons lasers rockets: combat

    Cannons lasers rockets: combat
    Combat can be slow and hard to control at times....
    Cannons lasers rockets: combat

    Cannons lasers rockets: graphics

    Cannons lasers rockets: graphics
    Graphics are well polished....
    Cannons lasers rockets: graphics

Cannons Lasers Rockets Gameplay First Look - HD

Cannons Lasers Rockets Gameplay First Look - HD

Cannons Lasers Rockets is a free cross platform sci fi action game developed and published by Net Games Laboratory. MMO player interaction is achieved as the game runs on Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS, iOS and Android systems. Cannons Lasers Rockets is focused on multiplayer and PvP content without single player modes. Battlegrounds are designed to support 10 vs. 10 players matches or massive clan wars. There are various battle maps available to Cannons Lasers Rockets players and each one has unique features and characteristics.

Cannons Lasers Rockets gameplay is a mix of FPS MMO and MOBA features. Combat is easy to learn, fast paced and engaging. Players control their space ships using WASD combo and a few other keys. Developers aimed to make the flying system as easy as possible so that players can focus on strategy and not waste time with ship controls. Terrain and environmental objects are used during combat, players can hide from incoming attacks and find a safe spot to carefully plan an offensive move. Cannons Lasers Rockets ship selection numbers hundreds of different vessels with rich customization options. Each space ship is designed for a different purpose. The Besieger is a great ship for close quarters combat. The Doomseeker is best fitted for hit and run strategies. The Invulnerable is a good choice for ranged combat and it becomes 100% damage proof for a short time. There are also support ships that are used to repair friendly ships. Each Cannons Lasers Rockets ship has 3 unique abilities but customization options give players to possibility to create personalized space vessels. There are permanent upgrades that boost fire power, armor, speed, etc. Players can opt for perks that give situational advantages. For example, repair drones can replenish armor.

Skirmish and Anthill are 2 Cannons Lasers Rockets popular game modes. In Skirmish mode, players have to fight some alien creatures called Hornets. Each team has a very well defended base but when Hornets are disturbed from their cocoons they destroy everything in their path, this includes both players and fortifications. Anthill mode is similar to Skirmish but has some extra PvP challenges. Players have to fight each other, Hornets and neutral turrets in order to secure certain map areas are destroy the enemy base. Cannons Lasers Rockets rewards players with Reputation that is used to purchase ship upgrades. It may be hard for newbie MMO FPS players to get familiar with Cannons Lasers Rockets so completing the tutorial is highly recommended.

By Rachel Rosen

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