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  • Variety of Game Modes

    Variety of Game Modes
    Play six different game modes from Last Man Standing to King of the Hill....
    Variety of Game Modes

    Play in RTS or FPS

    Play in RTS or FPS
    Choose between a real time strategy approach or take control of a single war machine....
    Play in RTS or FPS

    Build Your Army

    Build Your Army
    Build an army to destroy the enemy and bring victory for your coalition....
    Build Your Army

    Range of Weapons

    Range of Weapons
    Hold the freedom to organize your infantrymen and vehicles any way you want....
    Range of Weapons

Call to Arms Gameplay First Look - HD

Call to Arms Gameplay First Look - HD

Call to Arms is an action strategy multiplayer game developed and published by Digitalmindsoft. It's one of the few games that mix real time strategy with shooter action. Depending on the selected game mode, players are able to control their vehicles in real time strategy mode or choose a more action oriented perspective like in MMO FPS games. The second mode allows players to control a single war machine. Call to Arms features two factions and each faction comes with unique weapons and vehicles. The United States Army and the Global Revolutionary Movements are at war. Players decide which faction to represent and fight for their side in multiplayer matches. Single player missions are also part of the Call to Arms modes list. There are two single player campaigns, one for each faction.

The combat system is one of the best features. This is a game for players that enjoy a realistic combat setting. Unlike sci fi MMOFPS games where players fight against aliens and enemies from off-world places, Call to Arms invites players to pick a faction and to fight against each other on maps that have a realistic design. Lots of maps with different landscapes are available. Players will fight in urban settings but also on rural inspired maps. Industrial battlegrounds like factories or railway stations are part of the maps selection as well. Each map is unique. Players will learn how to use each map's features to gain an advantage. Most of the environment is destructible. Both factions come with many customization options. From heavy weapons to vehicles and firearms, players have plenty of ways to personalize their play style. Call to Arms includes a map and a mission editor. Players can use these tools to design new challenges based on their own ideas.

Call to Arms is available in multiple versions on Steam. The free to play version offers players the chance to train in skirmishes against computer controlled enemies and to take part in matches against real opponents. Call to Arms implements free to play in a similar style to MMORPG games that allow free members to unlock content by playing the game. In this case, free players can progressively unlock all units used in multiplayer matches. Single player mode is premium content. The standard Call to Arms version includes single player and co-op gameplay, as well as access to Steam workshop. In addition to all the content offered by the standard version, the deluxe one offers a DLC, some customization options and an XP boost. The ultimate edition contains a season pass. Call to Arms has mostly positive user reviews on Steam.

By Rachel Rosen

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