Bullet Run bites the dust on March 8

By Michael Jamias
bullet run shutdown march 8

The mmo fps shooter will be closing down its servers permanently next month.

According to an announcement on the official Bullet Run website, the “explosive grand finale” will be held on March 8 after which the game and player accounts will no longer be accessible.

“After much review and consideration, Acony Games and Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) have mutually made the decision to discontinue development on the free-to-play FPS game, Bullet Run.”

Both developer and publisher assured that all membership billing for the game had ended on February 1, 2013 and that player with platinum memberships will receive prorated refunds for their remaining time. The subscriptions paid as of February will be good enough to last until the March 8 shutdown, so no need to worry about shelling out additional cash.

There are also no plans to re-launch the game “at this time”, although with Acony retaining the game code and SOE also storing all Station account info on their servers, a re-launch down the road cannot be completely ruled out.

Those with remaining Station Cash should also consider spending them on other SOE mmo games such as DC Universe Online, Everquest 2, among others.

Players were also advised that items will still be sold for Bullet Run on the SOE store, but to be weary that these will not be usable any more after March 8. Customer service will answer any additional questions from fans via the SOE support page.


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