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Brink is a free to play first person shooter created by Splash Damage and published by Bethesda Softworks. It's a game that can be played in many ways. It has a captivating single player campaign. Co-op content gives players the chance to team up and to finish missions together. Brink can also be played as a MMOFPS thanks to its social interaction system. Most users start by playing a few single player missions. After they are comfortable with the game controls and mechanics, they start to take part in co-op and multiplayer matches. Brink has a character development system that offers players the chance to upgrade their characters no matter what game mode they prefer. Whether it's single player missions or multiplayer games, each mode offers useful rewards.

The game has a futuristic theme. Players become citizens of the Ark, humanity's last refuge. Brink adventures take place on Earth. The planet was flooded by its seas and oceans so humans had no other choice than to go live on the Ark. This floating haven wasn't designed to support such a large number of inhabitants and the founders are not happy about having to share their city with the refugees. Two factions rose to power. Each one thinks they should rule the Ark. Just like in MMORPG games where players have to choose a PvP faction, Brink asks the players to decide if they wish to fight for the Resistance or the Security. Each faction has its own story mode campaign. Players will experience a different version of the story depending on the faction choice. It's not necessary to finish the story campaign to take part in multiplayer modes. At any time, players can switch between all three content types: single player, co-op and PvP. Co-op gameplay allows up to seven players to team up. Players can also be replaced by bots but it's way better to play with human users. Brink multiplayer maps support up to 16 combatants on a battlefield. Players from opposing factions are enemies in PvP games.

Players will notice that Brink adapts based on their character's role and status. Objectives, rewards and usable items change depending on criteria such as location, interaction with other players and game mode. Brink plays like a FPS MMO but it has one feature that makes it more accessible. The SMART system helps players achieve their current goals. When the SMART feature is activated, the system does an evaluation of the player's action and facilitates its success. Each player has the chance to create an in game avatar with a one of kind look. There are tons of items and options that can be mixed to personalize characters. Brink is available from Steam.

By Rachel Rosen

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