Brick Force hosts its own Winter Games

By Michael Jamias
brick force winter games

The 2014 Winter Olympics well under way in Sochi, Russia, but if you can't be there to catch the alpine skiing and ice hockey events, why not celebrate instead on Brick Force?

The sandbox fps mmo is hosting its own Brick Winter Games until the February 24, with players vying for gold medals and XP rewards across eight different events.

There's the Freestyler event, which is an accuracy test where the three sharpest shooters will win. Developers will be counting the player with the most kills during the day.

Other event disciplines include the brutal combat Brick Hockey, which has the same "rack up the best kill count" concept as Freestyler but only using melee weapons, as well as the speed-and-shoot event called Brickathlon.

Events will be rolled out on a daily basis, with the Freestyler event kicking off the festivities.

Here's the full sched for your reference:

Feb 18 (Tue) - Freestyler
Feb 19 (Wed) - Brick Hockey
Feb 20 (Thu) - Brick Jumping and Brickathlon
Feb 21 (Fri) - Cross-Country Bricking, Shoot the Snowman competition
Feb 22 (Sat) - Bricklympic Spirit on Snowstar
Feb 24 (Mon) - Brick-Nations Trophy

In true Olympics-inspired fashion, Brick Force players will not only compete for personal glory but will contribute points for their respective mmo nation. The top-ranked nation after all disciplines will reap XP buffs for all its members.


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