Brick Force releases Season 3 Bricksaga

By Michael Jamias
brick force season 3 bricksaga

Brick Force Season 3 Bricksaga update has landed and it promises to pour forth "more fun and fairness."

The sandbox fun-shooter piles on the fun with an onslaught of new features, costumes and weapons. Developers have made it easier for players to level up, convert Force Points, and manage their maps -- because nothing spoils the fun more than grind and clunky features.

But before we go into the itty bitty details, here's the Season 3 Bricksaga release trailer to sum up the changes and additions for you:

Brick Force players can now roam around with menacing and magical weapons such as crossbows and wands, all while donning fresh outfits to slay in true medieval style.

But what's a medieval ruler without an appropriately medieval keep? Luckily, builders have been given new banners, flaming torches and wooden planks to add to their creations, not to mention trap doors, spike traps, doors and windows. All these should stir up the creative juices of MMO builders.

Meanwhile, developers are also addressing some imbalances that have been souring the game experience for beginners and casuals. Match assignment algorithms have been looked over and revised, and everyone will have access to regularly unlocked equipment. This ensures a better playing field no matter how obsessively you play and invest in the free mmofps.


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