Brick Force introduces eight-man Freefall mode

By Michael Jamias
brick force freefall mode

Sandbox mmo shooter Brick Force has released the rollicking new Freefall mode where you get to fight in an eight-way shootout.

No teams. No overly complicated strategies. Only yourself to rely on to become the last man standing.

To win Freefall mode, fans must learn how to survive a gang up and score the most number of points by sending opponents falling to the Abyss. Players will be given a special Freefall mode Brick-Gun that destroys blocks -- even the very floor they are standing on -- to send opponents to their demise.

Destroying as many blocks as possible is encouraged in Freefall mode, since each block you destroy fills up the Fever Bar. A maxed-out Fever Bar can then be activated to get a temporary Fever Time speed boost. Use this to either chase down a target or escape a sticky situation.

Like all other modes for this mmofps, there are power-ups scattered throughout the field map. Secure these item boxes to obtain powerful tools for destroying your foes and earning more points. Remember that all traditional weapons cannot be used in Freefall mode, so it's imperative that you secure the best weapons dropped around the map.


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