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brick force zombie mode update
This month's Brick Force update plunges the MMOFPS into a night of the unliving Brick soldiers with the release of the brand-new Zombie Mode.Sure, plenty of other shooter mmorpg games have done the same creepy concept, but the Brick Force Zombie Mode has a patient zero twist: One randomly selected player begins the match as a zombie and will have the ability to infect other players. It then becomes a contest of wits, evasion and shooting skil...
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Jun 26 2014
brick force winter games
The 2014 Winter Olympics well under way in Sochi, Russia, but if you can't be there to catch the alpine skiing and ice hockey events, why not celebrate instead on Brick Force? The sandbox fps mmo is hosting its own Brick Winter Games until the February 24, with players vying for gold medals and XP rewards across eight different events. There's the Freestyler event, which is an accuracy test where the three sharpest shooters will win. Developers...
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Feb 19 2014
brick force freefall mode
Sandbox mmo shooter Brick Force has released the rollicking new Freefall mode where you get to fight in an eight-way shootout. No teams. No overly complicated strategies. Only yourself to rely on to become the last man standing. To win Freefall mode, fans must learn how to survive a gang up and score the most number of points by sending opponents falling to the Abyss. Players will be given a special Freefall mode Brick-Gun that destroys blocks ...
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Dec 14 2013
brick force season 3 bricksaga
Brick Force Season 3 Bricksaga update has landed and it promises to pour forth "more fun and fairness." The sandbox fun-shooter piles on the fun with an onslaught of new features, costumes and weapons. Developers have made it easier for players to level up, convert Force Points, and manage their maps -- because nothing spoils the fun more than grind and clunky features. But before we go into the itty bitty details, here's the Season 3 Bricksaga...
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Oct 23 2013
brick force kongregate partnership
Brick Force, the build-and-battle free mmo shooter debuts on Kongregate to attract more NA players. Brick Force developer Infernum Productions AG announced that its sandbox shooter is now available to the 15 million monthly core gamers on the Kongregate online games portal. Infernum Productions AG CEO Andreas Weidenhaupt said the partnership was made to “get greater exposure for the game” especially in the shooter-obsessed NA market, and h...
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Feb 11 2013