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  • Brick-Force: Build and Play

    Brick-Force: Build and Play
    This game allows you to build maps to fight on....
    Brick-Force: Build and Play

    Brick-Force: Military Options

    Brick-Force: Military Options
    The game has many customization options including your gear....
    Brick-Force: Military Options

    Brick-Force: Kill or Be Killed

    Brick-Force: Kill or Be Killed
    This guy didn't see me coming....
    Brick-Force: Kill or Be Killed

    Brick-Force: Your Imagination

    Brick-Force: Your Imagination
    Remember, every map will have unique features....
    Brick-Force: Your Imagination

Brick Force Gameplay

Brick Force Gameplay

Brick Force is a sandbox free mmofps, developed by EXE Games and published by Infernum. Brick Force can be played directly in a web browser that supports Unity Web Player or it can be downloaded on a local machine. The developers have plans to make Brick Force available for mobile devices and Linux in the near future. Brick Force is available in multiple languages. Sandbox games offer gamers a great deal of freedom. Brick Force players are able to build their own PvP or PvE maps. These maps can be shared with friends and fellow players. Players use bricks to create environments. Although it sounds similar to Minecraft, Brick Force has improved graphics and more game modes.

Brick Force has 2 main features: Build Mode and Play Mode. Build Mode lets players create maps. Up to 7 members can team up and work on a map. Maps can be shared and, based on map's popularity, the map creator gets some rewards. Map building is limited only by its creator's imagination. Anything can be built using bricks. Ancient monuments and modern buildings like the Eiffel Tower can be recreated with bricks. Maps can be public or protected with a password. If the map builder wants to register its creation, it needs to go through an approval process first. Some conditions must be met. Unpopular Brick Force free to play mmo maps become inactive and get removed after 3 months. Bricks come in 3 types. General bricks are used for basic constructions. Colorful bricks add some color and personality to a building. Deco bricks are used for decorations. Although called bricks, deco bricks can be all sorts of objects. There are official maps made by Brick Force developers.

The other way players can enjoy Brick Force is Play Mode. There are 5 PvP game modes. Team Deathmatch supports up to 8 players on each side. Deathmatch mode is “every man for himself” classic scenario. In Defusion mode, one team has to plant a bomb and the other team has to deactivate it. Capture the Flag mode will challenge players to capture the enemy team's flag while protecting their own. Build'n Destroy mode is a mix of building and fighting match. A features that encourages player interaction and competition is Clan match. The game shop offers lots of items. Players must keep an eye on their weapon's durability. In exchange for force points, players can repair their damaged weapons. The B-Hub allows players to interact thought social networks like Facebook or Twitter without having to leave Brick Force. Other B-Hub apps like YouTube or TeamSpeak are available for Brick Force mmofps players.

By Rachel Rosen


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