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  • Born to Fire: class

    Born to Fire: class
    Choose from 5 different classes. During games you can swap between classes for a small currency fee....
    Born to Fire: class

    Born to Fire: mini

    Born to Fire: mini
    Minigames are a way to practice and play without hopping into a death match....
    Born to Fire: mini

    Born to Fire: fps

    Born to Fire: fps
    Expect your traditional team death match style fps games in Born to Fire. Be careful, characters are fragile in this game. It is e...
    Born to Fire: fps

    Born to Fire: abilities

    Born to Fire: abilities
    Each class has special abilties. Some may have a shield while others can use a flame thrower....
    Born to Fire: abilities

Born to Fire Gameplay

Born to Fire Gameplay

Born to Fire (or BTF) is a new mmofps, developed by Fun Tree and published by Aeria Games. Seems like bringing rpg features into the fps genre is the new trend and Born to Fire follows it. The game has a class system. Born to Fire story line explores a fictional future, centered around an armed conflict between US and Russia. The war is merciless and no one is spared. Players must pick a side and fight for it. There are 5 Born to Fire classes to choose from, each with its own set of abilities. Class options include melee and ranged fighters, support and tanking roles.

Born to Fire characters have multiple customization options. Fashion outfits like hats or accessories can also be equipped. To make sure you choose the right weapon, you can try it out on test dummies. This feature is called shooting range and is a good way to check a weapon's characteristics. Not all Born to Fire weapons have the same damage, speed and recoil. All weapons have their advantages and disadvantages and it's up to players to know when to use a certain Born to Fire weapon. The replay option allows players to review matches from different perspectives. You have the chance to perfect your strategy and also get a peek at enemy combat style. Versatile fighting techniques are the key to winning matches. If you are extremely proud of your Born to Fire mmo performance, you can upload the video on YouTube and share it with the community. Helpful players create Born to Fire guides that are really great for new players. The 5 Born to Fire classes are: Ranger, Sniper, Heavyfire EX, Point Man and Dual Gunner. Each one has preferred weapons and different play styles. For example, the Point Man is a melee class with good defense. The Dual Gunner has a dual functionality and can act as a healer or as a damage dealer. The Heavyfire Ex is great for players who like straightforward fights where the one with the most destructive weapons wins.

For now, there are 3 Born to Fire game modes that can be played on a variety of maps. Siege mode is about controlling certain objectives in order to score points. Bomb mode is a mmo fps scenario where one team has to detonate a bomb and the other team tries to defuse it or stop the attackers. Deathmatch mode is an all time fps favorite and the team with most kills wins the match. Born to Fire is a free mmo and players just need an Aeria account to download it and enjoy some fps action.

By Rachel Rosen

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