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Claptrap declared sexiest robot alive
Robots are a constant presence in sci-fi mmo games, but most people think of them as either dangerous foes or helpful servants. To combat that image and to show that mmo robots can be funny, sexy, and have a personality, Gears and Circuits magazine has for the last few years held the Sexiest Robot Alive contest. This year saw some stiff competition, but, in the end, it was declared that Claptrap is the sexiest robot in online gaming today. ...
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Mar 06 2015
borderlands 2 game of the year edition
The Borderlands 2 Game of the Year edition offers the base game, complete DLCs and Premier club content for only $60. “The Borderlands 2 Game of the Year Edition offers more value than ever before in one package, giving everyone an opportunity to become a legendary Vault Hunter, and join in the award winning mayhem and fun," said 2K and Gearbox Software in a release. The Borderlands GOTY edition will be available on all platforms -- Xbox 360, P...
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Aug 29 2013
borderlands 2 krieg the psycho dlc
The madhouse that is Borderlands 2 becomes even more insane as Krieg the Psycho joins as the MMO game's newest menace. Krieg the Psycho is now available as a separate character DLC and retails for 800 Microsoft Points or $9.99. It is available for the Xbox 360 (via Xbox Live Marketplace), for the PC / Mac (via Steam) and for the PlayStation 3 (via PlayStation Store - North America). Before purchasing, check out the dangerous abilities, ski...
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May 15 2013
borderlands 2 5 million sales
The blockbuster console and PC shooter is set to overshadow even the most popular mmofps games in terms of popularity. In just less than two months since launching in September, Borderlands 2 has shipped more than 5 million units worldwide, according to an ecstatic press release from 2K and Gearbox Software, a feat that makes it “one of the most popular video games of the year.”  “The Borderlands series has never been more popular, and wit...
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Nov 06 2012
borderlands 2 captain scarlett pirates booty dlc
Borderlands 2's sexily named Captain Scarlett and her Pirate’s Booty DLC begins titillating today with a treasure-hunting campaign. “In Captain Scarlett and her Pirate’s Booty, up to four players cooperatively enter the hostile sand dunes and wastelands of Pirate Bay in search of ancient treasures. The add-on content campaign features new characters, including the eccentric and eager Shade; locations such as the town of Oasis; enemies including ...
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Oct 17 2012