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Blackshot Gameplay

Blackshot Gameplay

BlackShot is a free to play mmo, developed by Vertigo Games and published by Garena and TwoWar. BlackShot takes place around year 2030. Scientific discoveries made human cloning possible. This opened the way for a new type of genetic engineered disposable soldier. Wars were fought only with human clones. Nations became involved in a global conflict. Earth and human life were almost wiped out in a final nuclear attack. Humanity suffered a major step back. The technology to build clones is now lost. Gaia Inc and The Cloners are two corporations who struggle to make human cloning once again possible. BlackShot is a mercenary company that offers its services to both corporations.

There are 4 main BlackShot characters. Adam Garcia is a middle aged veteran, who took part in past clone wars. His weapon is M16A1 and his main characteristic is defense. Travis Banner, an orphan kid, grew up among mercenaries. His combat skills and leader qualities made him feared and respected despite his boyish appearance. Vanessa Green lost both of her parents in the great nuclear attack. MP5 is her main weapon and speed her primary attribute. Cathy Fin is a 38 years old female whose husband was killed on the battlefield. Her unsettled hate makes her extremely dangerous. Secondary characters include Nina, Sniper Mantis and Isabelle. US and German soldier are also present in BlackShot fps mmo. BlackShot has a comprehensive weapon selection from knives to assault rifles. Each weapon has 5 attributes: damage, fire rate, accuracy, weight and magazine. All sorts of grenades are available. Armor consists of: upper and lower body protectors, helmets, hand gear and boots. Each piece of equipment comes with a bonus like increased XP gain, damage reduction or movement speed.

Game modes can be played on varied maps. There are 6 BlackShot modes each with several maps. Search and Destroy is a mode where two teams fight to death. Search and Destroy Infinite mode is Search and Destroy normal mode with bombs. The attacking team has to plant them, while the defenders must defuse them. There are 12 different maps for both modes. Team Flag Match is a “capture the flag” game. Team Death Match is a challenging mode where players have weapon restrictions. Bunker Defense is a PvE mode that can be played solo or multiplayer. In Unlimited Battle Arena mode each kill grants certain perks. Players can form BlackShot clans. BlackShot mmo fps has a ranking system based on the total number of points accumulated by a player. The highest BlackShot rank is Commander in Chief.

By Rachel Rosen

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