Blacklight Retribution scores new Dropzone map and level 50 cap

By Michael Jamias
blacklight retribution dropzone map

A shattered metropolis serves as the backdrop for the newest map for the futuristic fps mmo.

Blacklight Retribution's new Dropzone map is a nod to a Blacklight: Tango Down, a previous title in the series, according to developer Zombie Studios.

Veterans will not only feel nostalgia while skirmishing in the Dropzone map, they will also find it quite cluttered and even claustrophobic.

The map was intended to encourage close to mid-range fighting, so players will need to think more along the lines of urban guerilla warfare to get an edge over their opponents.

The map's streets are congested enough and filled with sight obstructions that players can plan ambushes or sniper assaults on exposed targets. The fighting area is intended to be small for fast shootouts instead of long, drawn-out skirmishes.

The Drop Zone map supports the following game modes: DM, TDM, KOTH, LMS, LTS, S+D, CTF.

Along with getting the new Dropzone map, Blacklight Retribution will also see a higher level cap from 40 to 50. Ten new levels mean brand new titles and camouflage, including the Bearded Ops novelty camo, to be collected on the way to level 50.

Finally, two new melee items make the shooter mmo a little bit bloodier. The first is the Riot Shield that shields against incoming fire and allows the user to close the gap to then deal close combat punishment, such as with the new Sonic Tomahawk that delivers one-hit kills.

Meanwhile, new Thermal Protection gear increases a player's safety against snipers who rely on Infrared Scopes to sniff out heat signatures to fire their headshots.



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