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Blacklight: Retribution alive despite studio closing
In the online gaming world, a studio closing down is normally due to poor sales and usually means the end of any games published by them. However, such is not the case with the Blacklight: Retribution mmofps and Zombie Studios. The company recently announced that the company was shutting down due to the fact that the founders of the company were actually just retiring. However, the situation isn't all doom and gloom as Blacklight: Retribution con...
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Jan 08 2015
blacklight retribution ps4 release
After more spending more than half a year in beta, the Blacklight Retribution PS4 version is primed for a full launch this Tuesday, June 24. Drawing feedback from shooter fans, Zombie Studios is launching the PS4 version with a bunch of changes and new content.Foremost on the laundry list of launch day attractions are two new PvP maps. The first one is called the Outpost, described as a smaller high combat intensity map. The second is a more ...
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Jun 20 2014
blacklight retribution ps4 version gamescom 2013
Zombie Studios said it will be revealing the Blacklight Retribution PlayStation 4 version during the convention. The unveiling is meant to get European fans excited about Blacklight Retribution, as this will be the first time that the continent will be able to see what the fps mmo looks like and plays on the next-gen console. Stateside fans already got their taste of the Playstation 4 version when it was showcased back in June's E3 convention: ...
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Aug 19 2013
blacklight retribution dropzone map
A shattered metropolis serves as the backdrop for the newest map for the futuristic fps mmo. Blacklight Retribution's new Dropzone map is a nod to a Blacklight: Tango Down, a previous title in the series, according to developer Zombie Studios. Veterans will not only feel nostalgia while skirmishing in the Dropzone map, they will also find it quite cluttered and even claustrophobic. The map was intended to encourage close to mid-range fighting,...
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Aug 10 2013