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  • Blacklight Retribution: agent

    Blacklight Retribution: agent
    The graphics in this free to play are surprisingly nice. Check out our agent!...
    Blacklight Retribution: agent

    Blacklight Retribution: score board

    Blacklight Retribution: score board
    If you join a match in progress, you will get a glimpse of the score board as you are joining....
    Blacklight Retribution: score board

    Blacklight Retribution: respawn

    Blacklight Retribution: respawn
    Did someone just get you with a headshot before you saw it coming? Don't worry, you get to watch their character while you respawn...
    Blacklight Retribution: respawn

    Blacklight Retribution: double kill

    Blacklight Retribution: double kill
    Well that is an even trade. We killed each other....
    Blacklight Retribution: double kill

Blacklight Retribution - First Look

Blacklight Retribution - First Look

Blacklight Retribution is the latest MMORPG project to be released by Perfect World Entertainment, the same team behind other successful online games such as Perfect World and Star Trek Online. Blacklight Retribution is a futuristic, sci-fi based free MMOFPS game that thrusts players into an action packed world of intense PvP battles and a plethora of unique and interesting features.

One of the most innovative features of Blacklight Retribution is the Hyper Reality Visor (HRV), a unique system unlike anything used in FPS games before. The HRV offers players a variety of benefits, that makes it almost as useful as the gun they're carrying. You activate the HRV by pressing the "V" key, you're then given a short period of buffs to aid your team. While the HRV is active players can see through walls, locate enemy opponents and find ammo caches. Not only is this an innovative feature but it removes one of the hardest to detect hacks in FPS titles, the wallhack. Correct usage of the Hyper Reality Visor combined with careful communication between your team goes a long way to winning a fight in Blacklight Retribution, making it a vital function for any players that want to be feared on the battlefield.

Another awesome feature found in Blacklight Retribution is the Hardsuit. The Hardsuit is a mechanical robot that skilled players are able to summon to certain locations on the battlefield. It takes some time to be dropped from space so smart players will combine the drop location with the use of the HRV to ensure there's no enemy players waiting to steal your mechanized monster. If you're lucky enough to be able to summon a Hardsuit you can jump inside and control it around the battlefield. The Hardsuit has access to one of the most devastating weapons in Blacklight Retribution, a mini-gun. They also have more armor than any other unit in the game, but they do have a weak-spot that can be located using the HRV so don't go in without the support of your team.

By Rachel Rosen


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