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  • Battlefield Play4Free: class

    Battlefield Play4Free: class
    Battlefield players can choose from 4 classes. Each class starts with a unique loadout. The recon has his trusty sniper rifle read...
    Battlefield Play4Free: class

    Battlefield Play4Free: experience

    Battlefield Play4Free: experience
    There are numerous progression systems in game. Earn experience by playing matches. Levels allow you to equip a wider array of ite...
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    Battlefield Play4Free: standard

    Battlefield Play4Free: standard
    Battlefield Play4Free is a free to play player vs player only version of the popular modern military shooter from EA. It uses stan...
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    Battlefield Play4Free: upgrades

    Battlefield Play4Free: upgrades
    As you play Battlefield you will earn experience and currency. Buy upgrades to customize your weapons. Depending on your playstyle...
    Battlefield Play4Free: upgrades

Battlefield Play4Free Gameplay

Battlefield Play4Free Gameplay

Battlefield Play4Free (BP4F) is a free MMOFPS developed and published by Electronic Arts. Battlefield Play4Free is part of Battlefield game series. The first game was released in 2002. Since then more than 50 million game copies were sold making Battlefield one of the most popular shooter game of all times. Battlefield Play4Free provides the Battlefield multiplayer experience without any purchase cost or monthly subscription fee. The developers used the same game engine as for Battlefield 2 but with some modifications. The graphical system was tweaked to make Battlefield Play4Free less resource demanding.

Just like other games in this series Battlefield Play4Free has a class system, character leveling and game modes. Battlefield Play4Free classes are pretty much the same with original Battlefield classes. Players can choose from 4 available Battlefield Play4Free class options: Assault, Recon, Engineer and Medic. Each class provides a different play style. As the name suggests, Assault classes favor assault rifles. They are equipped with an ammo box that can be accessed by the entire team. Medics are a hybrid dps and support Battlefield Play4Free class. They have a medic box that is used to heal friendly players and a defibrillator to resurrect fallen comrades. Medics can deal damage using a light machine gun. Recon is a ranged fighter. Battlefield Play4Free Recon players use sniper rifles and mines to annihilate their enemies. They are also equipped with a motion sensor. Engineers are capable of repairing group members’ vehicles. They carry a submachine gun and a RPG-7. An Engineer is a useful team member in a Battlefield Play4Free MMO FPS match. Shotguns and tracer dart guns aren’t class locked. Any player can use items like that. Battlefield Play4Free provides a balanced class system. Each class has its utility given a specific context. Players familiar with Battlefield: Bad Company 2 might recognize Battlefield Play4Free classes. As players advance they obtain XP and level up. New levels unlock all sorts of rewards.

There are 2 Battlefield Play4Free factions: Russian Ground Forces and United States Marine Corps. When signing up for a PvP match, players are randomly assigned to one of the 2 factions. The MMO Battlefield Play4Free system is designed to accommodate 32 player battles. There are 8 Battlefield Play4Free different maps. Various game modes have distinct winning conditions. The latest addition is rush mode. Battlefield Play4Free has a feature that allows weapon customization. A Battlefield Play4Free weapon has some parts that can be changed. Players can mount holographic sights, stocks or magazines on their weapons. Battlefield Play4Free has a cash shop for players that wish to buy premium items.

By Rachel Rosen

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