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  • Battlefield Heroes: character

    Battlefield Heroes: character
    You create your character in a web browser before launching the game. Here we see our hero, MMOPlay, before he joins a game and......
    Battlefield Heroes: character

    Battlefield Heroes: Matchmaking

    Battlefield Heroes: Matchmaking
    Battlefield Heroes uses a matchmaking system for games. Good. Maybe we'll get placed against other FPS noobs!...
    Battlefield Heroes: Matchmaking

    Battlefield Heroes: Control

    Battlefield Heroes: Control
    Control the rocket to win the match. While you control it, your team's score counts down. First team to 0 wins!...
    Battlefield Heroes: Control

    Battlefield Heroes: 1v2

    Battlefield Heroes: 1v2
    The matchmaking system must work. We were able to win a 1v2 fight. If we tried that against decent players, we would probably lose...
    Battlefield Heroes: 1v2

Battlefield Heroes - First Look

Battlefield Heroes - First Look

Battlefield Heroes is a unique online third person shooter game that borrows many mechanics and features from the hugely popular Battlefield franchise. Battlefield Heroes is delivered in a comical, cartoon style and promises hours of fun for casual and hardcore players alike.

Battlefield Heroes features 2 enemy factions, the National Army and the Royal Army. Although you won't see any direct reference, it's pretty clear that they are based on the Allied and Axis forces of World War II. Each faction has a different appearance on vehicles and classes, but both are perfectly balanced in terms of weapons and abilities, with the majority being mirrored. This allows intense PvP battles where ability use and player skill determines the outcome, not overpowered units or weapons.

There are 3 classes available for both factions Gunner, Soldier and Commando. The Gunner is the heavy weapons specialist that has access to anti-tank missiles and other over-the-top weaponry. The Soldier is the assault type class, using a medium range rifle and having access to abilities such as Grenade and Combat Medicine. The final class, the Commando, is the sniper class of the game that has the unique ability to be able to turn invisible. Each of the 3 classes has access to at least 5 different abilities, all of which can be improved and upgraded as players progress through the game. The varied abilities, combined with the customized progression system, gives players the opportunity to create a character build that suits their play style.

Players familiar with the Battlefield franchise will be delighted to hear that Battlefield Heroes borrows both the game mode and vehicular mechanics from the popular FPS title. Each map contains a certain number of control points displayed as flags, capturing these flags rewards your team with more spawn locations and more points per kill. A large majority of the maps also feature intense vehicular combat using a variety of vehicles such as Tanks, Jeeps and Planes.

The comical skills and abilities of each class, combined with the high-quality maps and vehicular combat makes Battlefield Heroes one of the best free MMOFPS available online.

By Rachel Rosen


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