Avatar Star’s ongoing open beta shifts into serious gear

By Michael Jamias
avatar star open beta ongoing

Avatar Star is the epitome of the cutesy cartoon MMO shooter, and developers have spent the current open beta making players take the game a little more seriously.

For one, adjustments have been made to increase the chest drop rates, and the rate of getting premium and enhancement items from each chest.  This was done to make fight rewards more fulfilling and hopefully make fans of the free mmofps spend more of their time in-game.

Game patches have also rolled out systems to enforce balance and minimize abuse. A newly introduced AFK Kick system now makes it harder for players to park their avatars, spend the entire match away from the keyboard, and still get a reward for their non-efforts. While this does not totally solve the AFK problem, it does serve as a form of deterrence when before there was virtually none.

Cash shop items perceived to be too powerful have also been nerfed. In particular, developers have doubled the prices of the power-boosting Cardiac Potions that are said to be “too cheap and imba” when used against free players.

Part of why Avatar Star developers are cracking down on cheats and loopholes is because the game will no longer be wiping data. All progress during the ongoing Avatar Star open beta will carry over to the actual game launch.


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