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    Avatar Star: classes
    Choose from 3 different classes to play in this competitive third person shooter....
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    Avatar Star: modes
    There are 3 game types available in Avatar Star: Domination, King of the Hill, and Team Death Match....
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    Avatar Star: combat
    Avatar is a competitive third person shooter. Combat is similar to Call of Duty's multiplayer only from a third person perspective...
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    Avatar Star: rewards
    Complete quests and matches to earn rewards like experience, gold, or special rewards from these cards. Remember that items are le...
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Avatar Star Gameplay First Look - HD

Avatar Star Gameplay First Look - HD

Avatar Star is an anime free MMOFPS developed by Pearl Digital Entertainment and published by Cherry Credits. Unlike most action shooter games, Avatar Star has cute graphics with a colorful design. Playable characters support lots of visual and functional customizations. There are multiple game modes with different requirements. Players spend time doing PvE missions or test their PvP skills in challenging competitions against other players.

There are 3 Avatar Star playable classes: Guardian, Assassin and Gunner. Play style depends on chosen class. Guardians are excellent for Avatar Star players that like to help their team mates. Shotguns, submachine guns, grenades and bows are a Guardian’s preferred weapons. They are also capable of restoring HP. Assassins can take their enemies down from a distance using sniper rifles and grenades. Combat knives and hand guns are for close quarter combat. Assassins can stealth and have AOE abilities. Gunners are Avatar Star tanks with skills that help them mitigate damage. They prefer powerful weapons like machine guns and rocket launchers. Avatar Star is a MMO game with balanced classes. Party members are required to work as a team in order to win Avatar Star matches. Avatar cards allow players to purchase visual customizations.

Avatar Star might be a FPS MMO game focused on PvP but there are significant rewards for those who complete PvE tasks. Weapons, gems and various consumables can be acquired by taking part in Avatar Star missions. Battlefield missions are daily tasks that reward players with gold (Avatar Star money) and XP points. There are 2 difficulty options (normal and elite) for these daily missions. Avatar Star also has quest like missions that can be completed only once. Training mode is an Avatar Star PvP simulator. To compete against other players, one must enter the matchmaking queue. Avatar Star has team deathmatch, king of the hill and domination game modes. Rewards are given for winning the match and also for additional achievements like number or kills and so on.

Players earn XP when completing Avatar Star content. Once every two levels, players are given points to boost skills and abilities. New Avatar Star content unlocks with every new level. Avatar Star is a free to play MMO with a weapon enhancement system. Better weapon damage is gained with every enhancement level. Gems are used to boost stats. There are different kinds of Avatar Star gems so players choose to boost their HP, armor or stamina. Avatar Star has 3 types of currency: gold, star coins and medals. Medals are acquired from daily missions. Star coins are premium currency. All 3 currencies are spent to purchase items, equipment or Avatar Star cards.

By Rachel Rosen


Avatar Star’s ongoing open beta shifts into serious gear

Avatar Star is the epitome of the cutesy cartoon MMO shooter, and developers have spent the current open beta making players take ...
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