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  • Army Rage: Welcome

    Army Rage: Welcome
    As we log in we can see various mercanaries....
    Army Rage: Welcome

    Army Rage: Gaem Types

    Army Rage: Gaem Types
    There are various quick match maps and lobby systems....
    Army Rage: Gaem Types

    Army Rage: killing

    Army Rage: killing
    I manage to kill someone and get the bullet shell in the same shot, no pun intended....
    Army Rage: killing

    Army Rage: Teamplay

    Army Rage: Teamplay
    Use strategic elements and team members to win the match....
    Army Rage: Teamplay

Army Rage Gameplay

Army Rage Gameplay

Army Rage is a World War II inspired, free mmofps, developed and published by Yacuba Games. Army Rage items leave no room for fantasy. Every weapon, piece of equipment or gear and vehicles in Army Rage are based on those actually used in World War II. The story probably needs no introduction. Player will need to take a side and decide where their support goes. The two factions are Axis and Allies. Army Rage gameplay is dynamic and varied. Players are given the tools to create modes and maps. PvP modes support up to 24 players fighting each other. The User Interface is very simple, clean and gives players a good perspective of the battlefield. Team and player info are displayed on the left side. Mini map and weapons are on the right side. The battle panel is top centered.

Both Army Rage factions have the same playable classes. The Assault class is versatile and can equip a large variety of weapons. It also has the ability to use explosives. The Scout is specialized in ranged weapons. Scouts can play a support/dps role in a team. Direct combat is to be avoided as Scouts have low HP. The Support class has lots of health and favors machine guns. It's the only class that can use first aid kits. Engineers can use rocket launchers and have the unique ability to repair vehicles. Being able to drive tanks is one of the best parts of Army Rage free mmo. One player can be in charge of driving while the other is busy handling the tank's machine gun. Army Rage tanks can be heavy, medium or new. Players can work their way up to max level 95. Each class starts with basic weapons but more are unlocked when new levels are gained.

There are only 4 PvP modes for Army Rage but each one can be played on several maps. Team Deathmatch is about killing as many enemy players as possible. One kill equals one point and the team with most points wins. There is a variation of Team Deathmatch mode that has a limited weapon choice. Concentrated efforts and team play are what counts the most in Blitz mode. A team will have to defend key points while the other team struggles to take them down. King of the Hill mode can be played on smaller maps and this makes it more challenging. Teams compete to capture and defend a flag. Army Rage is a free  mmofps with optional premium membership. Paying members will gain money and XP faster. Cobalt is the Army Rage currency used in the cash shop.

By Rachel Rosen

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