Armored Warfare Eye of the Storm Update Adds Progression Vehicles, Map, and More

By Jeff Francis
Armored Warfare Update 0.21 live

Few things in life are as great as that new car smell. Of course, for an mmo fps like Armored Warfare, I guess this would mean that new tank smell. A bevy of new progression vehicles are rumbling into the game, along with a new PvP map and other tweaks, as the Armored Warfare Eye of the Storm update is now live.

The Armored Warfare Eye of the Storm update (technically Update 0.21) introduces the progression vehicles, the Waterway PvP map, changes to the economy, and an overhaul to ammo, and more. Some of the features of Armored Warfare Update 0.21 include:

New Progression Vehicles: In Update 0.21, we are introducing a series of Czechoslovak and Polish vehicles. It consists of Tier 6 to Tier 10 vehicles of AFV, TD and LT classes that are bringing new mechanics currently unique to this branch, such as the Spike-LR fire-and-forget guided missile system. The branch consists of both tracked and wheeled vehicles, which all have excellent firepower (often with very high rate of fire) and mobility for their respective tiers.

Waterway PvP Map: No matter what shape the world is in, one thing will never change – the trade must flow. And few places on the planet are as important for world trade as the Panama Canal. Recently, several rogue corporations hired an unscrupulous band of mercenaries to take over the channel to pillage the ships passing through Panama’s massive waterway to drive the already exorbitant commodity prices even higher. Put an end to that, commander!

Visual Enhancement Program: In Update 0.21, we are taking the first steps to improve the graphics of Armored Warfare, including the vehicle model look and feel. Significant graphics updates will come in future updates, but the improved lighting system represents the beginning of the Visual Enhancement Program. At the same time, we are introducing several optimizations that will improve the game’s performance on lower-end PCs.

That's a pretty good amount of content for tank commanders to sink their teeth into. Overall, the Armored Warfare Eye of the Storm update is adding six progression vehicles to the mmofps. Some changes are being made to the in-game economy as well as improvements to the Garage UI. Ammunition is getting some changes as the developers felt that there were several issues with the Balance 2.0 system. You can check out all of the content found in Armored Warfare Update 0.21 (including an overview of all the new progression vehicles) here.


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