Armored Warfare News

Armored Warfare Update 0.21 live
Few things in life are as great as that new car smell. Of course, for an mmo fps like Armored Warfare, I guess this would mean that new tank smell. A bevy of new progression vehicles are rumbling into the game, along with a new PvP map and other tweaks, as the Armored Warfare Eye of the Storm update is now live.The Armored Warfare Eye of the Storm update (technically Update 0.21) introduces the progression vehicles, the Waterway PvP map, chan...
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Aug 30 2017
Armored Warfare PS4 version announced
Console players can look forward to some heavy metal mayhem coming their way. has announced that an Armored Warfare PlayStation 4 version of the popular mmofps is coming to the console in early 2018. However, gamers don't have to wait that long to get their grubby mitts on the game as an early build of the Armored Warfare PS4 version will be playable at Gamescom next week. (For those who don't know, Gamescom is the largest gaming conventio...
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Aug 17 2017
Armored Warfare Balance 2.0 update announced
The Armored Warfare mmofps has been met with a lot of player enthusiasm and success. Some of the reasons for how well the game has been received are that gamers just can't get enough tanks battling one another and that Armored Warfare is one of the few tank games that uses tanks from the present time instead of focusing on World War II. However, the developers note that there is still room to improve the game, so they will be making some fundamen...
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Dec 01 2016
Top five military mmo games
Warfare and military history have long been a favorite subject of video games. It seems gamers just can't get enough in trying to recreate famous battles of history or just blowing enemy forces into tiny, tiny bits. While fantasy dominates the mmorpg market, there are a good number of military-themed online games for players to express their inner general, tank commander, or battlefield grunt. Now, let's fall in and do a recon of our top five mil...
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Oct 07 2016
Armored Warfare Global Operations announced
One of the best things about Armored Warfare is that the mmo fps is always looking to add something more to the mix. Unlike most other online shooters, this game features both PvE and PvP tank-based battles for players to engage in. Now it appears that Obsidian Entertainment is mixing PvE and PvP into a delicious new treat as they have announced the upcoming Armored Warfare Global Operations game mode.The new Armored Warfare Global Operations...
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Sep 08 2016
Why having PvE in Armored Warfare is brilliant
Online shooters have come a long way since the days I logged into my local BBS in order to play Doom 2 against a handful of other players. The last few years have seen a virtual explosion in the number of mmofps games from a good variety of genres. The hottest shooter genre right now seems to be that of armored tanks pounding the living snot out of each other. Unlike most other tank-themed shooters, Armored Warfare features modern tanks and, even...
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Jul 10 2016
armored warfare pve mode trailer
There's more to Armored Warfare than blowing each other's tanks and brains out. As we learn from a new trailer as told from the perspective of a fictional mercenary and squad leader John Doe, the Armored Warfare PvE mode lets you take on operations from governments and other good guys to eliminate power-hungry gangs, cartels and revolutionary armies.The PvE mode allows you and four other players to work together versus artificial intelligenc...
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Jul 07 2016
Armored Warfare Update 0.15 launches
There's nothing like getting a slew of new powerful tanks introduced into a game, as well as some new maps to use said tanks to blow your enemies into tiny, crunchy bits. Such is the case today with the Armored Warfare mmofps that sees the introduction of the mighty Tier 10 vehicles along with a bunch of other features. Armored Warfare Update 0.15 also includes a garage UI update, light tank adjustments, APS and anti-tank guided missile changes, ...
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May 04 2016
Armored Warfare Tier 10 vehicles announced
One of the coolest features of the Armored Warfare mmofps is that it's set not in the past but, rather, in the very near future. This allows players to battle one another using current tanks and other armored vehicles as well as those that are currently being developed. While it's good to fight the battles of the past, it's even better to fight current or future battles. To that end, Obsidian Entertainment and have announced the introducti...
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Apr 25 2016
Why is there no Armored Warfare WH40K mmo?
While stalking across the mmofps battlefield as an assassin is fun, there's just something special by taking it up a few notches by engaging in some heavy metal warfare with armored vehicles. Tank warfare games have been extremely popular the last few years, with World of Tanks first bursting upon the scene. The one feature shared by almost all tank warfare games is that they're set during World War II, which makes sense as that was the last gold...
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Apr 24 2016