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  • Armored Warfare: EXPLOSIONS

    Armored Warfare: EXPLOSIONS
    Blow up other tanks with deadly firepower....
    Armored Warfare: EXPLOSIONS

    Armored Warfare: Up Close and Personal

    Armored Warfare: Up Close and Personal
    Most combat happens at a distance, but every once in a while you gotta slap a fool....
    Armored Warfare: Up Close and Personal

    Armored Warfare: Different Weaponry

    Armored Warfare: Different Weaponry
    New ways to attack allow for extreme distance firing....
    Armored Warfare: Different Weaponry

    Armored Warfare: Watch Yourself Buddy!

    Armored Warfare: Watch Yourself Buddy!
    Small tanks are in danger of being killed by allies, be careful....
    Armored Warfare: Watch Yourself Buddy!

Armored Warfare Gameplay First Impressions - HD

Armored Warfare Gameplay First Impressions - HD

Armored Warfare is a military free to play strategy MMO developed by Obsidian Entertainment and published by Players become commanders that are in charge of conducting private warfare operations. In order to successfully complete their tasks, all Armored Warfare users have to manage headquarters, acquire artillery machines and make sure that the crew is well trained. XP and reputation systems allow players to upgrade and expand their headquarters and obtain better tanks. PvP modes test players skills against other human opponents and co-op PvE missions require players to work together and find the best strategy to defeat computer controlled enemies.

Being original is not easy in an over saturated free to play MMO market. Potential players and tank enthusiasts might wonder why they should give Armored Warfare a shot when there are so many other similar games. One example is the super popular MMOFPS World of Tanks. The main difference between Armored Warfare and other games of this kind is the tank selection. Armored Warfare features modern war machines while other games focus mainly on historical tanks used during the First and Second World War. Tank customization is another key feature. Players are able to modify their vehicles, bring improvements using various component types and boost tank damage with lots of types of weapons. All these customization options allow players to design their gameplay experience and enjoy personalized play style. Multiple maps serve as battlegrounds where players meet and engage in fast paced combat. Armored Warfare maps feature great visuals and rich landscape variety with different terrain types. Another nice feature is that players can interact with the environment by smashing and destroying various ground objects. Reshaping the battleground is a great tactic that might force the opponent to rethink his strategy and come up with a new battle plan.

Clans are Armored Warfare players guilds or alliances. The PvP content also includes clan wars, the winner gets to control territories and gain advantages. Other PvP modes with various objectives require players to keep an open mind when it comes to strategy but also to learn how to control and master different tank types. Armored Warfare is a free MMO that rewards individual achievements and team efforts. Having the best tank is not enough to win a PvP match or to complete a PvE scenario. Competitive players should find a clan with reliable members and dedicated clan officers. Armored Warfare is completely free to play and continually updated with content, features and new vehicles.

By Rachel Rosen


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