Arma 3 first free campaign episode "Survive" coming October 31

By Michael Jamias
arma 3 survive free episode

Arma 3 is getting its first free DLC where you'll play as NATO peacekeeper Ben Kerry just before war re-ignites.

Ben is part of the mission that's keeping a Mediterranean conflict in check through a tenuous cease-fire, but it all comes to a head when the CSAT faction moves to stir up some trouble. And from there, the fighting only escalates to possibly calamitous proportions.

That's the basic premise of "Survive", Arma 3's first campaign episode, which will go live in the last day of October as a free downloadable content.

On top of what's shaping up to be a gripping military scenario, the Survive campaign episode also opens up new content creation options for the MMOFPS.

Creators can look forward to playing with new 3D objects and scripted modules to make better content to share with their MMO brethren. The greatly expanded content building platform also gets new weapons and animations that lend more bang and bite to each player-made scenario.

Arma 3 developers even teased that they are planning to introduce fresh vehicles and other cool additions in future episodes, so we can rightly expect those amateur episodes to only become sleeker and more immersive as time goes by.


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