Arma 3 shoots out Sniper Package update

By Michael Jamias
arma 3 sniper package update release

As a last hurrah before E3, Developer Bohemia Interactive sends out the Sniper Package for Arma 3, which is currently in alpha version mode.

The Sniper Package is the latest free content update for the mmofps, and it unlocks two sniper rifle weapons and supplementary ghillie suits.

The first rifle called the Gepard GM6 Lynx is a semi-automatic anti-materiel rifle using 12.7x108 mm ammo. It is expressly suited for disabling high-priority targets in the military combat MMO, including light armored vehicles, armored rifle troops, light shelters and helicopters from 600-800 m range.

Meanwhile, the second rifle weapon called the M320R Long Range Rifle is a .408 caliber sniper rifle which is prized for its accuracy in hitting targets up to 2000 meters away.

The new camouflage ghillie suits along with sniper optics and rangefinder items satiate the combat and style needs of Arma 3 shooters.

To be clear, Arma 3 is already "live" in the strictest sense. Players can already participate in the alpha version of the game by purchasing either the Arma 3 Alpha ($32.99) or Arma 3 Digital Deluxe Edition ($49.99) boxes.

But developers said that more complete and fuller versions of the game will be released in the future at higher prices. So players can wait it out until Arma 3 Beta edition or the final game releases, albeit at a higher dollar retail cost.


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