Arma 3 releases full version on September 12

By Michael Jamias
arma 3 official release date

Countdown begins for the launch of the tactical military MMOFPS next month on September 12.

Bohemia Interactive has set up an official Arma 3 Countdown to Launch website for fans to check off the days before the sandbox shooter ships out worldwide for PC fans.

The countdown site also serves as a preview page for those just getting wind of Arma 3, a game that has had its fair share of roadbumps with some of developers getting into legal tangles. But after a relatively smooth Alpha and Beta version rollouts, the title seems set for a full release.

Features of the launch version will include two large open terrain continents -- Altis and Stratis -- 12 singleplayer showcases, 3 faction showcases, 9 multiplayer scenarios, 10 firing drill challenges, more than 20 vehicles and 40 weapons, 5 factions, the scenario editor and modding support.

But for those hoping to get the thrill of a full singeplayer campaign will have to wait quite a while. The campaign will be released piecemeal over 3 free DLC episodes after launch.

Still, there is a lot for fans to do, including the full multiplayer combat experience.

Those who cannot wait for the worldwide release still have a month to participate in the ongoing pre-release play sessions by purchasing the Arma 3 Beta ($44.99) or Arma 3 Digital Deluxe Edition ($59.99). Both will unlock the full game once September 12 rolls around, and will actually be cheaper when bought now than when the fps mmorpg is officially out.


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