Arma 3 free Zeus DLC announced

By Michael Jamias
arma 3 free zeus dlc

Now here's an interesting concept for an MMOFPS: What if you could play as a powerful being that controls scenarios in real-time as puny players try to beat and survive the challenges you throw at them?

That's basically the premise of the free Zeus DLC that has just been confirmed for Arma 3.

Having trouble wrapping your head around this god-player concept? Watch the Zeus DLC trailer below to see the game master-like feature in action:

The video does give justice to Bohemia Interactive's claim that the upcoming free DLC will be incredibly dynamic and unscripted. We see the god-player aka Zeus setting up barricades and conflicts on the fly while real live players deal with the spontaneous action events.

Much of the success of this feature will depend on having very imaginative MMO players who can whip up intensely interesting scenarios.

To help fans to just that, Bohemia Interactive assured that community creators can easily use the interface to quickly trigger events and keep their scenario engaging.

Did the Zeus DLC get your attention? Then you'll want to watch the official Arma 3 Zeus Gameplay reveal this coming February 15 at 17:00 UTC where Zeus Design Lead Karel Moricky, Arma 3 Creative Director Jay Crowe, and other developers will be giving a one-hour demon of how to play as both Zeus and a subject. The session will be streamed live from Bohemia Interactive’s mmo headquarters in Prague onto the Arma 3 channel.


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