Arma 3's campaign continues

By Tam Mageean
arma 3 adapt

Bohemia Interactive released the second part to Arma 3's serialized campaign, titled "Adapt". The campaign, known as "The East Wind" is split into 3 parts, Survive, Adapt and Win, which are being sequentially released, roughly every 3 months. Each element focuses on a key element in a soldiers survival, after he finds himself abandoned and trapped on an island during an operation. The campaign is being supplied as DLC, but all 3 parts are completely free to anyone who owns the survival, sandbox mmo.

“Episode Two introduces a whole new set of challenges, giving players more freedom and responsibility in the wide, open terrain of Altis" said Creative Director, Jay Crowe in the Arma 3 developer's blog.

The first installment was set out to teach players the basics before the action ramps up, so expect tougher challenges and stronger enemies than before. The announcement trailer tied to Arma 3: Adapt suggests some hardcore firefights and night missions this time around too, so pack your night vision!

Arma 3 launched in September and has been a strong follow-up to the bestselling mmofps Arma 2, which encountered a huge revival, when its DayZ mod, which is now a standalone success of its own.

The final installment, "Win" is currently scheduled for March too, so not too long to wait and finish off the saga!


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