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Arma 3 is a military MMOFPS developed and published by Bohemia Interactive. Arma 3 is the third installment in the Arma series. Just like the previous games, Arma 3 provides a realistic, sandbox, shooter experience. Players have a huge battleground to explore. The entire game world measures 320 square kilometers. It is designed after real life landscapes. The adventures take place in a not so distant future. Military forces are at war and players must take their stand and fight for their side. There are single player Arma 3 missions that put players in the shoes of a British soldier. The play style is flexible and allows players to use different weapons and combat techniques.

Most of the Arma 3 action takes place in the Aegean Sea on 2 Greek islands. To create realistic graphics, Arma 3 developers used their own Real Virtuality engine. This game engine was upgraded to support an improved sound system, ragdoll physics, better camera distance, authentic combat animations, use of vehicles and many more graphic tweaks. Arma 3 players are able to control aircrafts, ships or vehicles. The equipment is highly customizable. There are plenty of weapons to choose from. Each player can design its Arma 3 soldier according to personal preferences. There is single player content for those who like to play Arma 3 MMO FPS at their own pace. Teams can be formed for co-op gameplay. Arma 3 supports multiplayer as well. Players can create their own content using Arma 3 mission editor feature. Customized Arma 3 campaigns can be designed. Player created missions can be shared with the entire Arma 3 playerbase. There are 4 Arma 3 factions: NATO, Iranian Armed Forces, Greek Resistance and Limnos Civilians.

Arma 3 players have a very comprehensive war arsenal at their disposal. There are lots of weapon types available: pistols, machine guns, assault rifles, missile launchers and many more. Grenades and explosives are also on the list. Gear to enhance defensive capabilities can be worn. Players use a variety of vehicles like bikes or trucks to travel. Tanks are some of the best Arma 3 vehicles but they are also hard to acquire. Most of these vehicles can be adapted to support weapons. Repair stations are Arma 3 facilities where broken vehicles are repaired. Arma 3 players can pilot helicopters or attack jets. Arma 3 release date was postponed due to the incident with the 2 arrested developers. While doing research for Arma 3, the 2 developers took pictures of a Greek military objective. The duo was released after being held in custody by Greek authorities for more than a year. Arma 2 was a free to play MMO but Arma 3 players have to pay a fee to play the game.

By Rachel Rosen


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