DayZ creeps closer to Steam

By Tam Mageean
dayz steam

DayZ is ironically one of ARMA 2's biggest success stories...even though it has nothing to do with the game. The mod-pack took the ARMA engine and turned it on its head, creating an epic, zombie-packed survival MMORPG. DayZ had one crucial twist that made it stand out from other zombie-horrors; it's not the zombies that are your biggest threat; the other survivors are.

You wash up on a beach with nothing but a trusty can of beans for sustenance, and head out into the wasteland, to see what's left of the world. Choose to either team up with other players, or hunt them down; anything goes. However, be wary that every gunshot and every noise gives away your position, not only to the other players, but also to the hordes of undead, who are wandering the barren acres.

DayZ Steam screenshot

Since DayZ has always been a downloadable mod for ARMA 2; up until now it has required an ARMA 2 purchase in order to play it, which, upon DayZ's release caused an unusual second peak in sales for the MMOFPS. However, at long last, DayZ is heading to Steam, and will be downloadable as a standalone game; without requiring ARMA 2.

The "DayZ Early Access" moniker has made its way onto Steam's database, and creator Dean Hall has already became inundated with questions.

"We are on the final lap", he pointed out, explaining that the bulk of remaining work was purely administrative, "...there is no release date announcement and we're 100 percent focused on getting the alpha out the door"


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