ARMA 2 Mobilizes Army of the Czech Republic DLC on July 30

By Michael Jamias
arma 2 czech republic dlc

ARMA 2 Army of the Czech Republic DLC is the latest expansion pack for the MMOFPS game, introducing the army of its namesake European country with a mission to bring peace to a deadly civil war zone.

The Army of the Czech Republic DLC pack – also known by its shorthand A2: ACR – offers a 15-mission single-player campaign and several scenarios. Players get to immerse themselves in a peacekeeping role in conflict-torn region of Bystrica, one of the two new summer-season terrains in the DLC along with Bukovina. With murderous rebels, war criminals, and militia running rampant, the Czech Republic Army is tasked to restore order at any cost.

“The stunning new DLC features a variety of authentically modeled units and vehicles together with detailed environments, demonstrating the various roles and deployments of modern Czech Armed Forces across different theatres of war,” said developer Bohemia Interactive in a release.

ARMA 2 players will be able to control authentic Czech units and vehicles such as L-159 Alca, Pandur II, and Dingo infantry mobility vehicle. Arms masters will also relish firing specialized Czech weapons developed for the shooter MMO, including CZ 805 BREN, CZ Scorpion EVO III and CZ 75 PHANTOM.

ARMA 2 Army of the Czech Republic DLC is available via Bohemia Interactive’s own digital distribution portal.


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