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arma 2 gamespy
The GameSpy shutdown has been a hot topic for months now. The announcement of GameSpy ceasing operation of its multiplayer service meant, for many, that their online gaming experiences with their favorite mmo games were in jeopardy. The service extended across all gaming genres, providing multiplayer matchmaking services for around 40 games. From heavy-hitting fps classics like Battlefield 1942 and Borderlands, to mmorpg titles like the Neverwin...
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Jul 01 2014
dayz steam
DayZ is ironically one of ARMA 2's biggest success stories...even though it has nothing to do with the game. The mod-pack took the ARMA engine and turned it on its head, creating an epic, zombie-packed survival MMORPG. DayZ had one crucial twist that made it stand out from other zombie-horrors; it's not the zombies that are your biggest threat; the other survivors are. You wash up on a beach with nothing but a trusty can of beans for sustenance,...
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Oct 24 2013
arma 2 sequel postponed 2013
Czech Republic-based developer Bohemia Interactive said that the mmo fps ARMA 3 has been pushed back as it grapples with the controversial arrest of their staff. β€œThe additional development time enables the project to reach its full potential, with the studio expecting to finalize their release plans in the new year.” The developer is probably trying to get its bearings straight after two Bohemia Interactive employees were detained in Greece on...
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Dec 14 2012
arma 2 czech republic dlc
ARMA 2 Army of the Czech Republic DLC is the latest expansion pack for the MMOFPS game, introducing the army of its namesake European country with a mission to bring peace to a deadly civil war zone. The Army of the Czech Republic DLC pack – also known by its shorthand A2: ACR – offers a 15-mission single-player campaign and several scenarios. Players get to immerse themselves in a peacekeeping role in conflict-torn region of Bystrica, one of th...
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Aug 01 2012