Arctic Combat starts second closed beta with exciting eSports qualifier

By Michael Jamias
arctic combat second closed beta

October 10 marks the start of Arctic Combat’s second closed beta where it will reveal two new maps and hold a grueling qualification tournament.

Fans of this tactical mmo fps game can redeem their beta keys at the official Arctic Combat website The second beta promises a heart-pumping challenge as the best shooters in North America and Europe vie for qualification spots.

Each region’s winning team will compete against the winners of the first tournament -- ‘Mops’ (NA) and ‘Venezuela’ (EU) -- in what is shaping up to be an epic clash on October 27. At stake is a prestigious invitation to the World Championship offline tournament at G-Star 2012 in November.

“The World Championship will be the climax of this year’s e-sports competition, and we hope many gamers will join the excitement,” said Jihun Lee, Head of Global Publishing at Webzen, the free mmo developer behind Arctic Combat.

For this closed beta, aspiring shooters will need to navigate and master two new maps, ‘Downtown’ and ‘Vintage’, and have the cool character option to change their appearance and performance of their weaponry through the newly added Customization system.

The Clan system also makes its debut in the MMOFPS, giving clan members an experience and point boost while enhancing team-based gameplay.

“With much interest from the first closed beta, we are continuously focusing on localization and developing contents to provide a wide variety of enjoyment,” added Lee.


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