Arctic Combat gears into open beta with new maps and game mode

By Michael Jamias
arctic combat open beta

Mark the date: the free mmofps game goes into open beta December 6 in both Europe and America.

On the same day of the open beta launch, Arctic Combat will also become available for download via the Steam portal either via the Steam Starter Pack or Steam Ultimate Pack options.

Arctic Combat developer WEBZEN plans to roll out two new maps – Silo and Quarter Blow – as well as a cache of new weapons in time for the open beta. MMO gladiators can also look forward to playing the team fight mode called Annihilation.

“Players begin matches unarmed and have to pick up weapons that are placed around the map in order to defeat their opponents,” said WEBZEN of the Annihilation game mode, which reminds us of that Cornucopia scene in Hunger Games.

Including Annihilation, the open beta will now showcase a total of 8 game modes. The two new maps and extra weapons also bump up the map count to 8 and weapon variants to 19.

WEBZEN has also scheduled a number of in-game events to make the open beta occasion. This includes the “Roll Call” event: If players log into the game every day for the first week of the Open Beta, they will receive various cash items, including a beret, sunglasses, the "Enhance Health Pack Skill", and AF/RSA Recon skins once the game launches officially.


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