Arctic Combat begins game shutdown, compensation plan outlined

By Michael Jamias
arctic combat begins shutdown

Over the weekend, Arctic Combat began what will be a month-long process of closing the free mmofps game for good.

Arctic Combat's gradual shutdown began on August 2, 2013 (GST 00:00) with the closing of its Item Shop, Download Page and 1:1 Inquiry Service.

This effectively stops new players for flowing into the game, and also ends the sale of microtransaction items. Additional features and systems should come offline in the next weeks leading up to the final swan song on September 2, 2013 GST. announced the Arctic Combat closure in the last week of July, or just more than half a year after the game launched back in December 2012.

There was no explicit reason cited for the closure, but anemic fan response and subscriber numbers likely dealt the crippling blow to the shooter MMO.

As compensation for gamers who have stocked up on W Coin cash shop currency thinking that Arctic Combat would be around for a longer time, will be asking fans to choose between three gaming portals -- and and -- and will then be given consolation game cash.

At the minimum, those who spent more than $50 but less than $100 on W Coins will be given $50 worth of game cash on their chosen gaming portal. This rises to $100 game cash for $100-$299 spent, $300 game cash for $300-$499 spent and $500 for $500+ spent.

The game cash will be good for one year, and can be spent on purchasing items and other services for games on the chosen gaming portal.

Meanwhile, those who purchased the Arctic Combat Veteran pack can migrate to another game (Continent of the Ninth Seal or MU Online) or gPotato portal game (Allods Online EU and NA, Rapplez NA, Flyff NA, Terra Militaris EU, Dragonica EU or Age of Wulin EU).

Migrating to one of these games will net the ex-Arctic Combat player free consumables, boost items or even mounts, depending on the game.


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