Arctic Combat pits Aliens vs. Humans in new PvP mode

By Michael Jamias
arctic combat alien pvp mode

Aliens are out to infect and annihilate humans in Arctic Combat's freshly added Alien PvP mode.

The new mode, which takes place on the shivering White Out map, begins with all players still retaining their human form. But during the match, players randomly become infected and turn into vicious Alien Hosts that must infect the remaining humans to achieve victory. Should one human survive or all the aliens killed, then the human side wins.

In Alien PvP mode, Arctic Combat introduces the element of surprise to the MMOFPS. The alien infection occurs randomly and creates shifting allegiances and tactics for each player, whether they become part of the hunting alien group or strive to survive any way possible as a human.

The White Out map is set in a long-forgotten arctic lab, complete with crate bunkers and underground laboratories that will serve as conflict arenas.

The Aliens PvP mode is part of the new Arctic Combat update, which has also rolled out six new weapons, nine new weapon customization parts, three new skills and a new supply pack -- all of which expands the combat potential of players.

The update also injects the MMO shooter with feisty estrogen with the introduction of two new female special Ops characters that can be bought via the cash shop.


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