4-Player co-op mode arrives in Arctic Combat

By Michael Jamias
arctic combat 4 player coop mode

For its first major update, the fps mmo will receive a thrilling 4-player co-op mode with scaling difficulties and diverse rewards.

Arctic Combat players can team up with three other shooters – from MMOFPS pros to newbie casuals – and take on missions that promise challenging tactical content.

Developer Webzen has published a trailer that pumps us up for the new mode arriving next week on April 18:

In the video above Webzen sets the tone for the update, suggesting that “few will rise and many will fall” due to the difficulty of the new content hitting Arctic Combat. We also get a few stolen seconds of the monsters players will have to take down, presumably in the co-op mode.

The unnamed update also packs in new weapons to collect and maps to fight on. There will also be an upgraded Artificial Intelligence (AI) system that should keep players on their toes as their AI-controlled foes begin to put up a fight.

To mark the arrival of the new update, Webzen will unleash a series of events with cool prizes ranging from gaming gear and in-game prizes, which will be announced in the official website and Facebook page in the coming days leading to the update release day.


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